Google Gmail Now Lets You Block Senders With A Single-Click

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Google rolled out a new feature for one of its widely used service, Gmail, which allows users to block email addresses of their choice. Like all its other services services and products, Gmail has a large user base and this missing feature had annoyed users for a long time. The addition of this feature might appear unimportant to some but Google really needed to capitalize on this feature as alternative email services in the market have already had this for years.

The feature does not completely stop the emails from being received as they are directed to the spam folder whenever a user receives email from addresses that are blocked by them. This also means that users can always access these emails and also unblock the sender from the settings.

Before this feature there was something similar which Gmail offered but it was not actually just a click away. Users had to ‘Report spam’ to get the senders blocked and not all email received are spams, there are instances when one needs to block the senders anyway this is when they need such a feature.

The Gmail app for smartphones and tablets has not received the new feature yet, but it will be available there also in a short while. Whereas, the web version of the service however has the feature hidden in the drop-down menu of the reply button and a single click on the block button enables it.

Moreover, Google has announced that the Android version of its Gmail app will now get the ‘Unsubscribe’ feature which was launched for the web version in August. For those who are unaware of the feature, it allows users to opt themselves out of mailing lists to which they subscribed at some point in life and now want to get rid of them with just a single click on the Unsubscribe button.

No news about these features to be added on ioS versions is out yet but we expect the company will not leave that platform out and will soon announce something. Both the features might not seem very significant but we think the company just wants to simplify things more for their users.


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