Want Pure Android Camera? Install the New Android Camera on any Android Phone, No Root Required.

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Get the Android 4.2 Camera and Gallery on Non-Jelly Bean Phones

Android 4.2 comes with a few cool new features, one of which is a new Camera and Gallery app with a new interface and the ability to create "photospheres."

If you remember the last time a new camera app landed in the wild, you had to have a rooted Android phone to make use of it. This time, you don't need root to install the updated app. The new version features Photosphere, a helper tool for panoramic photos that appeared in 4.2, but it works on more devices. Also, the app lets you use your phone's volume rocker to take photos. The new settings menu lets you switch flash modes, choose front or rear cameras, adjust the white balance, and tweak exposure times.

The new app was reportedly supposed to be part of Android 4.3, and even though it comes with phones running Android Jelly Bean (4.2), it works on phones running 4.1 and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) as well. Your mileage may vary though—in my case, it added a Gallery and Camera app to my phone as opposed to overwriting the original one, and other users have reported having to remove the original camera and gallery apps for the install to work. Some noted that they got some features, like the new UI and settings, but not Photosphere.

Either way, it's just an app install—if it doesn't work for you, you can remove it. If it does, you'll get a great new camera app, completely free.


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